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SOLD OUT Your Unconscious Beauty - Healing Harmful Habits SOLD OUT

Anna Parkinson
Saturday 11 November
10:00am - 5:00pm

Do you find it hard to keep good resolutions and give up bad habits?

Does it feel sometimes as though you are not in charge of your own body?

In this workshop Anna shows you how to reach deep into your unconscious, how to find the richness and power that lies within you and how to work in harmony with your whole self.

This workshop focuses on the sacral chakra which is the seat of your unconscious and your instinct. This is a powerful force for good in your life but it can also get out of balance, so that it seems to be running your life to the point of destruction, and you feel you have no power to stop it.

This part of your body is like the hard drive of a computer. It remembers all your emotional reactions from the first day of your life. Working with it is powerful. Trying to override it is self-defeating.

Emotional tensions in this area can produce addictions to food, drink, drugs or sex, or fear of sex, difficulty in feeling or releasing emotion, and a lack of joy in your experience of life.

Physical tensions here can produce infertility, problems with reproductive organs, the lumbar region of the spine and the urinary system.

The techniques in this workshop will show you how to communicate with this part of yourself, learn to understand it and harmonise with the power that it delivers you. The work draws especially on the practices of the Hawaiian teachers, and some ancient yoga techniques.

Anna Parkinson

Busy BBC Journalist Anna, was told she had a brain tumour and that it was inoperable, Anna searched and tried every solution until at last, she discovered healing.

Eight years after the initial diagnosis, without medical intervention, Anna


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