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Kurikindi of the Kitchwa
Saturday 13 January - Sunday 14 January
10:00am - 5:00pm

Kurkindi will be sharing his wisdom and messages from the Amazon

He will tell us how the cosmology of his people, the Kichwa, gives a framework to understanding his unique form of shamanic healing and how he works with energy, ikaros (plant songs) and sacred plants for healing.

Ikaros are an integral part of the healing process and have a very deep and important meaning. Using the 'icaro' means 'charging' an object or potion with the power of the shaman, conferring upon it a specific property to be transmitted to the recipient, be it purification, protection or healing.

Day one will cover:

  • How traditional sounds are used in shamanism
  • Journeying with shamanic sound
  • How to feel and sense sound
  • Meditation with Ikaros
  • Interpreting light and dark energies with sound

Day two will cover:

  • Cleansing the spirit to work with people
  • Learning an Ikaro in Kichwa
  • Meditation with shamanic sound energy
  • Using shamanic sound for energy cleansing
  • An energy cleansing ceremony

Kurikindi of the Kitchwa

Kurikindi is a Kichwa Amazonian Shaman. He was born in the rainforests of Ecuador and into to an ancient line of shamanic families. Kurikindi has over 36 years of experience. Since very young he was immersed in the shamanic way of life. He feels that growing up in his atmosphere was a great privilege and an honour. His family travelled long distances and to other countries in South America to spend time with shamans from other cultures and nationalities to learn and share knowledge and experiences. Kurikindi had the unique opportunity to learn from, and work a long side both male and female shamans as both of his parents, grandparents and great grandparents were practicing shaman. Kurikindi


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