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SOLD OUT  Initiation - Traversing Your Timeline  SOLD OUT

SOLD OUT Initiation - Traversing Your Timeline SOLD OUT

June-Elleni Laine
Sunday 11 February
10:00am - 5:00pm

Repair the past, embrace the present and build the future.

Do you feel blocked or sabotaged? Are you frustrated that others don't see your worth? Are you longing to receive love?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are ready to traverse your timeline to find out how to solve the problems.

This is an empowering, new spirit inspired technique that has been deciphered during the past 7 years. As one of the most accurate spirit inspired artists of her generation, June-Elleni Laine was able to connect with elevated spirit teachers and interpret this unique blueprint.

The technique helps us communicate with ourselves through our timeline and gently erase habits that no longer serve us. This communication skill is very exciting and any medium-ship or psychic development you may have done before is put to good use.

Don't worry if you haven't done previous training, you will be taught techniques you can practice and develop at home to help you receive wisdom from an older and wiser version of your self.

  • Learn to traverse your timeline and catch any problem at the root where self-sabotage begins
  • Learn clearing techniques
  • Develop heightened perception so you can understand how the energy of people or memories can affect you
  • Learn how to listen and interpret when your younger self needs you to visit
  • Learn how to listen and interpret when your older wiser self offers you information and advice from the future.

June-Elleni Laine

June-Elleni Laine was a successful fashion designer for 20 years in London. She also has been a spirit artist & clairvoyant for over 20 years, and draws identifiable portraits of loved ones in spirit & spirit guides. June-Elleni is a published author and established spiritual teacher. Having qualified and tutored at the SAGB, she now offers readings and tutors at the CPS. She also teaches at numerous spiritual centers worldwide, showing clients how to use their spiritual abilities for self-empowerment, helping to heal loss, for well being, to create sustainable relationships as well as using their spiritual gifts during pregnancy and childbirth.


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