A one-of-a-kind donation

A one-of-a-kind donation

We were delighted to receive three original ink drawings by Madge Gill from College curator Vivienne Roberts late last year.

Madge Gill (1882-1961) who created many mediumistic postcard drawings in black and coloured inks and sometimes pencil, is undoubtedly one of the world's most highly regarded Outsider artists. She is represented in all of the international Outsider public collections including the Collection de L'art Brut Lausanne and the L'Aracine Collection at the Musee d'Art Moderne in Lille.

Vivienne wrote: "The College archives contain some rare correspondence from Madge Gill and her son Laurie Gill who first contacted the College in the 1920s. It includes the only known existing original copy of Myrninerest the Spheres - a document describing Madge's mediumistic gifts at the beginning of her spiritual journey. Whilst having the pleasure of curating the recent exhibition at the College, I noticed that there were no original artworks by the artist represented in the collection and therefore hope you accept this gift so Madge's association with the College continues to flourish".

Many thanks from us all at the College for your generous donation Vivienne.

For more information, please go to madgegill.com


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