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Alex Grey & Allyson Grey join the College

Alex Grey & Allyson Grey join the College

The College has long championed spirit-inspired art. Our collection holds works from some of the greatest spirit artists in history. So it's a great honour for us to host two of the world's most eminent contemporary visionary artists, Alex Grey and Allyson Grey, for an exclusive online talk on Friday 19th February, 8-9.30pm UK time.

Alex Grey and Allyson Grey have been blazing trails with their art, portraying multiple dimensions of reality and interweaving biological anatomy with spiritual energy, since the 1970s. In this online talk, Alex and Allyson will share past-life regressions and spontaneously recalled previous lives that opened them to inner transformative work. They will talk about their most profound synchronicities and the journey toward founding the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. This lecture will include reflections on Alex and Allyson's experience meeting The Kuten La, medium for the Tibetan Oracle, who protects The Buddha Dharma and its practitioners. Demonstrations of oracles, sigils, and altar craft will also be part of this event.

In this talk, Alex and Allyson will speak about Alex's painting Gaia (below) envisioned in a mental/visual flash on 11/15/88, and painted in 1989. It portrays the World Trade Towers in New York City with two jets flying dangerously near, a vision predictive of 9/11/2001.

Alex Grey and Allyson Grey are among the most eminent contemporary spirit artists in the world. Alex has featured in the Watkins Review top 20 spiritual teachers, while Allyson has long been a mentor and influencer of the contemporary Visionary Art movement. Inspired by psychedelics, the mystical and PSI, they co-founded the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in New York, a cultural centre and refuge for contemplation that celebrates a new alliance between divinity and creativity. They are looking forward to meeting you and sharing with you on 19th February!

Click here for more info.

Image: Gaia by Alex Grey (www.alexgrey.com)


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