A Transformational Energy Work Retreat in Morocco

A Transformational Energy Work Retreat in Morocco

Would you like to develop a deep understanding of how energy works in your life?

How about experiencing a powerful boost to your evolutionary process giving you access to you own sources of profound wisdom?

Are you truly willing to transform?

Come join us on this 6-day retreat as we delve deeply into the vast subject that is Transformational Energy Work. This retreat will be facilitated by David Manning. He has trained and worked energetically for 30 years. His unique style of energy work involves a deep seeing into the field and potentials of clients. This "seeing" enables a rapid deconstruction of patterns, wounds, beliefs and binding structures that hold us in patterns of limitation. As these fall away, the underlying potentials that exist in all of us are revealed more clearly and integrate to become available.

This approach to energy work is not something that David has learnt. It emerged from within him as a result of life experience and personal development. So this retreat is not a teaching of a method or system, but rather an exploration of many facets of expertise, experience, information and awareness that will enable the unfolding of your own deepest wisdom.

The way to engage in transformational energy work, is to be truly willing to transform. As your own transformation deepens, you are able to hold that space of radical change for another. Until then, it's all just techniques. We will dive deep into the underpinning energy matrix and learn how to interact at this level, making changes to our own energetic structuring and learning how to do this, in your own way, for others.

Some of the topics covered on this retreat will be: • Perception of energy: feeling, seeing hearing and knowing • Developing 'the witness' perspective • Duality and the unified field • Balancing heaven and earth inside • Unravelling the victim/ tyrant polarity • Energy work at a distance • Multidimensional awareness • Dismantling and surrendering the egoic structure • Heart centered fields • Working with sound • The impact of religion on our evolution

This is deeply empowering work, returning us to our original creativity. We remember that we are creator beings, not bound by time or space, not chained by matter, but wearing our physicality lightly. Living life from a different place. Ready to join David for a memorable inner adventure? Read on to find out more..

Retreat details:

Monday 30 October: arrive during the day. Relax and unwind. Gather in the early evening for our first meal at Kasbah Angour. Afterwards, opening meditation and David will set the scene for our retreat.

Tuesday 31 October: Retreat work with half day optional guided walk or time to relax. Evening retreat work.

Wednesday 1 November: retreat work in the morning before we depart after lunch on the optional trip to Marrakech. Back for evening meal at Kasbah Angour after departing Marrakech around 7.30pm.

Thursday 2 November: retreat work until mid-afternoon. Group cookery lesson - see details below. Evening retreat work.

Friday 3 November: retreat work all day with evening celebration of Berber dancing and music.

Saturday 4 November: closing retreat work in the morning before departing on our homeward journeys.

This retreat is open to people new to this work as well as the more experienced.

Our Moroccon venue

Visiting Morocco is an immediate and exciting immersion into another world. It is home to a colourful blend of African, Arabic and European cultures. From the bustling and colourful souks of Marrakech to the clear air and Berber villages of the dramatic Atlas mountain range. Morocco is the perfect destination for our six-day retreat. The snow-capped Atlas Mountains are the backdrop to Marrakesh and we will be staying in a stylish Kasbah (a typical Moroccan mini castle) in the mountains, a perfect contrast to the bustle of the city. Kasbah Angour, the beautiful venue in which the retreat will take place, is located at the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. Built with a love and passion of its surroundings and using locally sourced materials, you will be able to enjoy its traditional architecture, local staff and Moroccan Berber ambience. There are exceptional gardens at Kasbah Angour, spreading over 10 acres with spectacular views of the mountains as well as numerous terraces to relax or dine on. There is also a large unheated swimming pool if you feel like taking a dip.


The climate in Southern Morocco is much warmer than Northern Europe. It does not rain very often and from September to November temperatures are usually in the high to low 20s- just right for late summer visits.


You will not need to share a bedroom. All of the bedrooms we have for you are generous sized rooms for single occupation. Twin and double rooms are available on request. All bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms, underfloor heating, air conditioning, telephone and free wireless internet. They are constructed from traditional Moroccan materials: walls in local red sandstone; floors in hand made clay tiles; windows and doors in cedar wood from the Atlas Mountains. The locally-made furniture has Berber motifs.

Please see here for more information about this one-of-a-kind event.


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