The Future of Mother Earth - Messages from an Okinawan Shaman

The Future of Mother Earth - Messages from an Okinawan Shaman

Kazumi Ohishi was born in Okinawa, Japan. She is a Kaminchu (Okinawan shaman / female oracle). She will give a talk about the spirituality of Okinawa and share her predictions regarding the future of the earth. She will be delivering messages from the divinities that speak from within her.

A Kaminchu deals with the Gods. They communicate with higher beings, using the physical body to receive messages. The Kaminchu are born psychics and each one carries a different spiritual role. Traditionally a Kaminchu does not appear in front of the people. Mrs Ohishi has been receiving messages regarding the future of the Earth and Mankind and has been conducting prayers and ceremonies. However, in view of what is happening around the world and the impact of the natural disasters increasing, she has come to the decision that it is time to reveal the predictions regarding the spiritual and natural world, to the people around the world.

The Future of Mother Earth - Messages from an Okinawan Shaman - Tuesday 27 June

In accordance with the messages she receives as an oracle, Mrs Ohishi has been travelling around the world communicating with the gods and giving prayers and conducting ceremonies.In recent years, she has conducted prayers and ceremonies with the Mayan elder, Don Alejandro, as well as the 13 Grandmothers and the Kogi Mamos (Spiritual leaders) of Columbia. She became a member of the Water Mothers in 2012. Please note: Kamuzi will be with her translator who accompanies her on overseas trips.


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