NEW Summer 2017 programme of events is now out

NEW Summer 2017 programme of events is now out

Welcome to our Summer 2017 Programme

Dear Members, Students and Friends,

We are delighted to let you know that our brand new Summer 2017 programme of events is now published and we very much look forward to sharing another inspiring term together with you.

Summer is often a time to celebrate and appreciate our connection to the Earth and all its bounty. With this in mind, you may be drawn to spend a summer's day in nature. Jo Dunbar, Druid and medical herbalist and Adrian Rooke will be running two workshops in the glorious setting of the South Downs National Park. We will be guided through the Celtic Wheel of the Year as we celebrate the ancient festival of Beltane in May and the Summer Solstice in July. You will learn about working magically with the trees and wild herbs related to those times of the year and enjoy learning about the traditional of these festivals from Jo and Adrian, as well as meditation and chanting.

Why not take a look at the other joint workshops that we have this term?

Sergio Magana will be joining Charlie Morley for two workshops under the heading Lucid Dreaming and Conscious Dying which uniquely will bring together the wisdom of the Mexican Toltec and Tibetan Buddhist traditions.

Edwin Courtenay and Judy Hall have both worked with crystal skulls for many years and this term they will be joining forces to initiate you into the powerful world of the Crystal Skulls.

It is also a delight to welcome back Barbara Meiklejohn-Free who with Flavia Kate Peters will take us on a transformative journey of shamanic drumming and ceremony, a Journey of the Soul.

We would like to welcome new faces to the College, both visiting us from the USA: Andrew Martin with Magicians in the Matrix who will show us how to navigate the higher frequencies; and Deborah Mills with Mastery Training who will show us how to live from the divine within the heart.

Two very popular tutors return to the College this term: Blake Bauer and Susan Gash. Blake will be giving a talk and running a workshop on Unconditional Self Love and Susan will be working with her Spirit Doctor Team when she presents her evening and workshop.

Mas Sajady is back for a talk on Twin Flames and Soul Mates and we anticipate that this will sell out as is usual when Mas visits the College.

Finally, let's not forget our trip to magical Ireland in June. Why not join Gerrie March and Petra Knickenberg as they lead us on a journey into the ancient wisdom of this sacred land and connect us with its energies.

From the Quartz encrusted megalithic chambers of Newgrange in the magnificent Boyne Valley to the ancient Celtic monastic city of Glendalough in the Wicklow Mountains, this will be an experience to savour.

This is just a small selection of the many events that we have scheduled in our summer programme. We hope that you will join us on this continuing journey of discovery and we wish you a summer that brings you joy.

Check out all our upcoming events here!


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