On the thinning of the veil - a channelled message from Master Chou

On the thinning of the veil - a channelled message from Master Chou

Dear Friends,

As the festivals draw close for celebrating both the living and the dead we draw your attention to the connection between us all.

Death is merely a part of the cycle of life, the path you are following that takes you back home to Spirit. For though the body will cease to move your soul continues on.

This time of year is said to mark a thinning in the veil between our worlds but in truth that veil does not change; only your perception of it. You can speak to Spirit at any time and we will hear you; your loved ones will hear you, and in our way we will always reply.

Sadly, many to do not feel or believe in this connection and they need something to build their trust on - so we step closer to you for one night and a day to assist in letting you feel that bond. Hoping to give you comfort and reassurance that you are not alone, that your soul carries on and that you are part of something vast and wonderful. There is nothing to be afraid of during this night and day for we always step forward with love and respect - reaching out our hands in comfort to those who wish it.

Loved ones also gather on this night and join us in stepping closer to you all, so think of them, remember the joy and happiness surrounding your time with them and let those memories bring you peace. Remember too that you are Spirit, walking a physical life and that we are always there to support you.

Blessings Master Chou

A piece of automatic writing via trance medium, Sarah Tyler-Walters, College Trance tutor


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