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How we’re keeping you safe for in-person events

How we’re keeping you safe for in-person events

Since Covid-19 struck in March 2020, we’ve been running our courses, workshops and events online. However, we know that many of you are keen to join us in person back at the College. We are very excited to see you; to greet old friends and welcome new faces. We’re taking great care in preparing the College for our in-person events during Covid-19. We hope the information below will alleviate any worries you have about joining us at 16 Queensberry Place.

When will the College reopen? We will offer a limited range of in-house workshops at weekends as circumstances allow. We have pencilled in March 2021 as a possible reopening date, however we cannot guarantee this. In the meantime, please do join us online for our full programme of courses, workshops and events. For updates, please read this letter from our President.

How are we observing social distancing at the College? We are fastidious about protecting our community and staff. In-person events at the College will be held only in the Lecture Hall and Room 202 to allow for stringent social distancing. Chairs or mats will be set out before each event to observe the recommended distancing rules. The rooms will be thoroughly aired before the event starts and during breaks. Our reception area has been installed with screening to protect staff and visitors. Please wear a face mask to ensure your fellow students feel safe.

What about hygiene? The Lecture Hall and chairs will be sanitised after every event. The College lift, banisters, door handles, bathrooms, toilets and common areas will be regularly disinfected.

Will there be hand sanitisers available? Hand sanitisers are available at the College entrance and on every floor, including at the entrance to classrooms. Please do use them regularly to safeguard yourself and your fellow students.

Are we able to use the kitchen? Our kitchen will remain closed until we’re confident that any threat posed by Covid-19 is clear. Please bring drinking water with you to the event.

Can I borrow a book from the library? We have paused our library services until we feel it’s safe to reopen.


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