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The Year of the Dog

The Year of the Dog

Dear Friends,

Loyalty and devotion are obvious themes for this year. The Dog is understanding but also stubborn. As Rooster leaves with one final display, the humble Dog arrives, tail in the air, hopeful and wishing for more.

Where the Rooster was a year about Self, Dog is about Self and Community. For Self and your path, the Dog brings company. The need to be with others, but only those that really get you and care for you.

The Dog knows if something is not good for them and if someone cannot be trusted. Let Dog help you with those around you and knowing which, relationships to continue and which, to let go. Dog is loyal but not without reason. The trust and love of a Dog are earned and rewarded. You are worthy, Dog knows, let this year show your value in others eyes. Who deserves your trust and loyalty?

Dog is also about community, they are a pack animal. Building teams, groups, communities of any size will do well in a Dog year. Not, for financial gain but for moral or spiritual gain. Dog is not interested in money, though it does like a treat for good behaviour and seeks rewards. They prefer love and affection. A more personal touch rather than monetary.

Businesses can do well in a Dog year in areas of customer relationships and community building. Creating great foundations for financial success in future years. Dogs give first. Projects that start in Dog years tend to live longer, the humble beginnings serve the projects well.

Relationships will change during a Dog year, for the better. Though change can be painful it will be for the good in the long run. This will play out on the Global stage too. The need to come together, to build alliances and strengthen relationships; will be seen all over the world. But remember a Dog can bite if threatened or annoyed. There is a volatile edge to Dog that will be seen occasionally. Globally and personally.

In general, Dog is a calming year. And as it is also Earth it creates a space for peaceful change, subtle but important. Look for the signs of coming together, the need to be part of something. The sense of belonging to a group, community but also a beginning to feel part of humanity as a whole.

Dog, unlike any other sign, likes to be scratched and petted. It is a year for physical contact. Be that actual touch or the simple connection in a smile. Human connections can thrive in a Dog year, so can intimacy. Relationships that are good can deepen this year.

Lastly, Dog is playful, fun loving and has energy to burn. Get out and enjoy life, even a few minutes a day adds up to a lot of joy by the end of the year. Exercise your body and mind, try new things and revisit old. The Dog is curious and at times fearless, let that spirit flow through you and open new doors for adventure.


Master Chou

A piece of automatic writing via trance medium Sarah Tyler-Walters


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