Welcome to our Summer 2018 programme

Welcome to our Summer 2018 programme

We are delighted to let you know that the College's brand new Summer 2018 programme has just been published and is now live on our website.

We are often asked in the College what course should I do? Which tutor should I choose? Our answer is simple. Follow your heart. Study what you love. Opportunities will then come to you.

To encourage your exploration this summer we have a programme brimming over with talks, workshops and courses, a retreat in Morocco and our new online events - check it out here!

We also have on our website in the online section, taster videos on subjects such as numerology, palmistry and tarot as well as answers by our tutors to some of your most frequently asked questions. This will give you a good idea about the courses we run and introduce you to some of our tutors. See here for more details.

We hope you enjoy the warmth, fun and vibrancy of summer and look forward to welcoming you to a busy and inspiring summer term at the College.


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