Space Clearing


In this exciting and practical webinar Edwin will share some of his easy to apply and master, tried and tested methods for magical space clearing. Offering advice on which easy to obtain herbs, essential oils and crystals can be used and how to use them.

Edwin will talk about which presences to call upon for help and assistance and what simple rituals can be applied quickly and discreetly to produce powerful long-lasting clearing.

You will learn how to fill those clear spaces with the appropriate positive energies needed to create the perfect space for meditation, healing, restful sleep, harmonious relationships and magical development.

No prior knowledge or experience of magik, ritual or ceremony is required to make use of these simple and yet potent techniques to enrich your life and the space around you.

You can access the recording of the webinar at any time after broadcast - listen at your own leisure, even if you can't attend the live online event.

Please note: you will receive a confirmation email immediately upon booking with the login details for the webinar. Please check your spam folder if you cannot see the confirmation email in your inbox.

£18 (Full price)
Saturday 28 Jul @ 5:00pm (UK time).
12:00 (East Coast), 09:00 (West Coast).

As we journey on the spiritual path we often become aware of the nature of energy in our environment and how it impacts upon our health. We learn how to cleanse and clear this energy and protect our home from future invasion, drawing upon knowledge and practice thousands of years old from around the globe. But what about our own energy? Our aura, chakras and meridians - how can we tell when they have become infected, polluted and misaligned and what practical steps can we take not only to correct this but also to prevent it from happening in the future?

Edwin Courtenay is a Cunning Man - a practitioner of the old country ways of magic that draws upon not only the power of nature and the Gods but also Saints and Angels too. He is also Clairvoyant - seeing auras and the energy body from the tender age of 18 and so over the years has observed and mapped the ways in which it is effected by our environment and life style. In this one and half hour webinar Edwin will share with us his observations and understandings and pass on easy to use practical tips for self-diagnosing these conditions in the energy body. As well as a series of simple techniques for cleansing, clearing, fortifying and protecting our own energy system.

This webinar is perfect for anyone waking up to the nature of personal energy for the first time or indeed those long time practitioners of meditation, healing, mediumship and psychic reading struggling now to cope with being sensitive in a world rampant with stress, rage and fear.

£18 (Full price)
Saturday 9 Mar @ 5:30pm (UK time).
12:30 (East Coast), 09:30 (West Coast).

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