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This webinar is in two parts: Part one: 20 October at 6pm - Part two: 21 October at 6pm

You are purchasing Part one and Part two at the total price of £30 Non-Members and £26 Members

The elements have long been used in magic for both internal and external manifestation known as high and low magic. Their power being potent and profound, readily available in the world around us and easy to access and manipulate.

In the 2 part Webinar Course Edwin Courtenay - Cunning Man And Magician - will lead those taking part through a journey into the wisdom and power of the masculine - external magic - and feminine - internal magic - elements, providing simple and yet powerful rituals and exercises to conjure and direct the power of the elements for health, wealth and happiness.

Subjects covered include:

  • Working with the Earth Element for positive financial manifestation and the development of Channelling abilities
  • Working with the Air Element for the acquiring of spiritual knowledge and holistic healing
  • Working with the Fire Element for motivation, passion and the transmutation of anger, pain and grief
  • working with the Water Element for the manifestation of grace and flow, prophetic dreams, peace and harmony.
  • plus much more!

The webinar will include guided meditations, guided exercises and rituals and live trance Channelling - no previous magical experience is required and all rituals can be worked with by anyone irrespective of their personal spiritual path or religious preferences.

£30 (Full price)
Saturday 20 Oct @ 6:00pm (UK time).
13:00 (East Coast), 10:00 (West Coast).

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