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Join energy intuitive and spiritual guide Andrew Martin, as he guides us through powerful energy work and practices to unlock the potential that this new year holds. In his work Andrew accesses transformational frequencies which support the dissolution of blocks, interference from past lives, and programs of limitation.

This webinar will be a combination of powerful energy work which can help overwrite old programs; as well as practical tools to assist us in unlocking and connecting to our innate power.

2017 was a year of massive clearing. We saw so many old ideas, institutions, and stories crash and burn on the personal level as well as globally. It was not an easy year, but it was a necessary one. There were things that simply weren't compatible with where we are headed in 2018.

For those of us who are building upon a foundation of personal integrity, compassion, truth, and love, 2018 is a year where anything is possible. It seem at the beginning of the year we are often so eager to make a fresh start, only to see our resolutions fizzle and die out in the first couple of months. How do we break free from hopping on the treadmill of repeating the same patterns of the old year? Even though we long to break free from playing it small, living small, and being ruled by fear; it can often seem quite daunting as to how exactly to do it.

Energetically we are often working against entrenched mental patterns as well as cellular memories that keep us locked in old beliefs and behaviors. Once we have cleared those old structures we open a space to activate new choices and programs, which support us in breaking bonds with the past.

Make the leap from the old into the new and let 2018 be the clean slate upon which your year of radical change and personal transformation is written.

£20 (Full price)
Saturday 20 Jan, 5:00pm (GMT)

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