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Evolution From Human to Divine

Evolution From Human to Divine

Evolution From Human to Divine

Deborah Mills
Saturday 12 May
This webinar has already taken place. But purchase now for immediate access to the replay.

The powerful evolutionary times happening on Earth are calling each of us to live the authentic nature of our hearts and souls, in alignment with our original Divine consciousness and the source of being.

As we transform and release our identification with the human stories and the fabric that has wrapped our innate intelligence for life times, we are free to experience who we really are and why we are here at this awesome time in history.

The human experience has left us all with limited beliefs and ways of being, when in truth we are unlimited beings of pure consciousness that slumbered into the human experience. As we heal the amnesia that holds us captive and remember the original aspect of our soul or I AM Presence, we are free to make different choices that transform our human experience and bring more clarity to our life, opening us more deeply to the gifts of our soul.

The webinar will cover:

  • Understanding how to master our human experience.

  • Feeling how we are multi-dimensional beings at the 5th dimensional doorway in our human evolution, both personally and collectively.

  • A guided meditation through the chakra system of the body and the soul to release and free what no longer serves us.

  • Feeling the support of the ascended masters

You can access the recording of the webinar at any time after broadcast - listen at your own leisure, even if you can't attend the live online event.

Please note: you will receive a confirmation email immediately upon booking with the login details for the webinar. Please check your spam folder if you cannot see the confirmation email in your inbox.

Deborah Mills

Deborah Mills is an international teacher, gifted healer and spiritual guide who has been teaching workshops on the Art of Energy Medicine and the Awakening Consciousness for over 20 years. Her life is dedicated to personal and planetary evolution and the Completion of the Plan of Light on Earth.

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