The College of Psychic Studies offers courses, workshops and talks on all aspects of healing, self-development, spirituality, and psychic and mediumship training. 

Our tutors and consultants are experts in their field. Many also offer one-to-one sessions for those seeking guidance. 

Our weekly healing clinics and distant healing group provide support for those in need. Those wishing to develop healing skills are invited to enrol on our prestigious accredited College Integrated Healing Diploma Course.

Our Organisation

To protect the College's integrity as a non-profit organisation, we are governed by a group of Trustees. They work with our small-but-mighty team of staff in steering the College to its full potential. We are very proud that our membership has grown over the decades into a thriving global community. 

Your membership fees and donations help us to offer learning opportunities for people around the world, as well as fund the maintenance of our six-floor Victorian premises and our incredible archive collection with its specialised reference library of over 11,000 publications.

Our History

The London Spiritualist Alliance was formed by the Rev. William Stainton Moses in 1884 to meet the Victorian era's rising interest in spiritualism and psychic phenomena. It acquired its current London premises, a beautiful townhouse in South Kensington, in 1925, under the presidency of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. 

Over the years, we have hosted some of the greatest names in the history of mediumship such as Helen Duncan, Madame D'Esperance, Alfred Vout Peters, Geraldine Cummins and Etta Wriedt, to name just a few. Their portraits can be admired around the College along with other notable figures associated with its history such as the scientific pioneers Sir Oliver Lodge, Sir William Crookes and Alfred Russel Wallace. 

The London Spiritualist Alliance became The College of Psychic Studies in 1970. To learn more about the College's rich history, as well as its journal Light, visit here.

Our Mission

The College of Psychic Studies is committed to serving the evolution of consciousness. 

We were founded in 1884 to support and encourage empirical research into the esoteric. Our programme has since broadened and diversified to meet rising demand and increasingly global interests. 

However, our core values remain the same. We continue to shine a light on key themes including consciousness, intuition, self-development and meditation. Our courses, workshops, talks and special events provide a safe and inclusive space in which to explore the full spectrum of human potential under the careful guidance of our expert tutors.

Our Values

Honouring the sensitive field in which we work, The College of Psychic Studies steadfastly upholds a commitment to trust, respect, inclusivity and sincerity in all that we do. As a leading light in consciousness studies, honesty, integrity and authenticity are implicit in our ethos.

Connect With Us

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