From courses on chakras, dowsing and shamanism to training in tarot, mediumship and psychic development, The College of Psychic Studies supports every investigation into life's great mysteries. Alongside our team of respected tutors, we're proud to host some of the world's most esteemed thought-leaders.

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What we offer

We welcome everyone at The College of Psychic Studies and offer a range of  workshops, coursestalks and special events to support your journey of discovery and development. We offer one-to-one readings in a range of modalities, including healing sessions and psychic mediumship readings with our highly qualified team of experts. Our Healing Clinics and Distant Healing Group are operated by fully qualified healers.

Our expertise

The College of Psychic Studies is world-renowned for its courses in consciousness, healing and the psychic arts. We offer excellent training in mediumship, psychometry, palmistry, numerology and trance as well as divinatory tools such as the tarot, lenormand and dowsing. Our programme is curated to support your self-development, and includes global healing modalities ranging from Tibetan Chöd and tantric yoga to Norse mysticism and Mexican shamanism. We pride ourselves on the high calibre and authenticity of our tutors and consultants.

Where should I begin?

Welcome! You are embarking upon a great adventure and we are honoured to be your guide. Most of our events gladly receive beginners. Some are specifically tailored to those just starting out – look for 'Beginner' or 'Open to All' levels on our What's On page. Read more about our course levels here.

I've been on this path a while... 

If you've had experience in a subject and would like to take your studies further with us, we'd love to welcome you! Choose between Beginner, Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced & Professional levels. Please be aware that your tutor may guide you to a different level if they feel it would be helpful for your development. For more information on the various levels we offer, please click here.

Can I book a one-to-one session?

Our consultants offer private sessions and readings, whether online or by phone. You can browse our many areas of expertise – from psychic mediumship to healing – and book your individual reading or session here.

How do I apply to teach at the College?

We are proud to host teachers and thought leaders of great calibre at the College. Our selection process is tailored to maintain our reputation for excellence. If you have an online or in-person course, workshop or event that you feel is in alignment with what we offer, please do get in touch.

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