Photo of Allen Moore o2o

From the age of six, there are two subjects that have played a major role in my life: art and spiritual experiences. Both have never disappeared but grown greater in importance. My art processes from childhood have been different styles of automatism that I have developed in my own unique way over the years - combining psychic mediumship with my art production. My work is mainly through trance-based spiritual contact alongside guides. 

During my development I have constantly pushed experimentation in my works, to disconnect them from myself and the ego conscious mind. This has then allowed the higher energies to flow and show themselves. My spiritual drawings and automatic writings start with being in a trance-like state, to allow words and faces to appear, from energies that want to be heard and seen. 

The drawings themselves are deeply developed from automatic writing with an almost 3D depth to it, to include very detailed delicate imagery. The works are mixed media depending on my process as the automatist. Over time I often re-visits the automatic drawings and, after reflection, adds to the works. Due to this process the works are never said to have a definitive completion.

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