Photo of Ann Mathie

Ann has been practising yoga and meditation for nearly 20 years and has since completed her Masters in the Traditions of Yoga and Meditation from SOAS University with ongoing Sanskrit training. Her own experiences have pointed her toward a phenomenological investigation of the parallels between spontaneous Kuṇḍalinī awakenings and Buddhist and Yogic paths to enlightenment as well as cutting-edge consciousness theory. To draw sense from the varieties of extraordinary human experiences that can occur spontaneously, Ann studies metaphysical frameworks within the traditions of Yoga, Tantra and Buddhism in a scholarly context. Her previous research focuses on the phenomenology of Buddhist and Yogic experiences through meditative practice.

Her mission is to gain a deeper understanding of the psychological processes that can arise from spontaneous transpersonal experiences or deep meditation practice and how we can draw on thousands of years of collective experiences to safely support others walking this path towards greater wholeness.