Photo of Annie Penny

I had my healing epiphany when my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer, I found I was able to be a channel for healing at that moment and have never looked back. Our journey together was magical, my father had been given two months to live and he lived for two years. When he died I somehow felt I had failed, which is where my journey began as I went to study at The College of Psychic Studies. I came to understand that he had been given more time, which he needed to finish his work and come to a place of peace – his passing was so peaceful.

When I worked at The College of Psychic Studies' healing clinic I always seemed to get the cancer clients and this carried on for 15 years. I worked at a cancer centre in Clapham and at the Hale Clinic most of my clients came with cancer. I then moved from London and joined Bristol Cancer Centre and received full training and certification in all aspects of Healing with Cancer. My supervisor who I met at Bristol Cancer Care was Paulina Baume, who supervised all the practitioners at Bristol Cancer Care. She has supervised all my work ever since, she was a NFSH tutor and basically taught me to teach by taking me to assist on all her courses and eventually to take my own courses.

I also did the St Peter's Hospice course from Bristol Cancer Care. I have worked with cancer in hospitals all over London.