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Having grown up in a house with a lot of spiritual activity, I channelled any communication into creative endeavours because as a child it felt safer. This led me to attend Art College where I did a degree in Fine Art/Textiles and after that train as both an actor and a writer. I have been involved in many Fringe Theatre productions as an actor, director and playwright before deciding to focus more on the writing. However, I found that I could not control my creative impulses and started to burn out as a writer. I decided to train as a medium under Gary Wright in an attempt to learn how to control my creativity because for me it seemed to come from the same place as my spirituality. After a lot of work, I learned how to become more boundaried and grounded and not only did it help me with my creativity and writing I found a new purpose in my communication with Spirit. After years of turning my back on my spirituality I feel very honoured and humbled to work with Spirit.

As a medium and psychic I try to bring through as much information as possible as sensitively as I can, because I realise that for the sitter this can be a deeply personal experience. Hopefully working together, we can achieve and perhaps exceed any expectations the sitter and even spirit may have. It's a process of synergy where sitter, spirit and medium create something much bigger than any could achieve alone.

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