Photo of Daniel Pitt

Daniel has over 30 years of experience working with the spirit world. He is keen to help others access the wonder and love of mediumship. His work has taken him all over the world and he is endorsed by Arthur Molinary, one of The College of Psychic Studies' most revered mediums. At the College, Dan offers courses and workshops on psychic and mediumstic development.

Daniel's journey to the present day has been unique. He has Cerebral Palsy and Dyspraxia which has led to a passion for activism ensuring those with disabilities are included in all aspects of life. As a member of the LGBTQ+ Community, he advocates for equality and inclusion in his life and work.

Previously the youngest working medium in the south east of England, Daniel has grown into a kind and loving professional, appearing on radio and in print media to raise awareness of the potential of mediumship to be life changing. As a therapist-in-training, Daniel is committed to deepening a life-long relationship with himself so that he may serve others in a conscious, connected way.