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For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in spirituality but grew up in an environment where this was not encouraged. Consequently, I developed a healthy scepticism and passed off any such experiences I had at an early age as my imagination or coincidence. Also I have always been highly sensitive – sensitive to the energy of people, animals, places and situations. Again, I repressed this quality, especially as it was often overwhelming and unpleasant.

By day, I drifted into local government and facilities management work and stuck with it for many years. This did satisfy the practical and down to earth part of my nature and certainly paid the bills. It also enabled me to travel to over 50 countries, expanding my knowledge of many very different environments and ways of life.

My interest in spirituality and alternative therapies grew over the years. I began to read extensively on the subjects and attended many lectures and workshops. I first walked through the doors of The College of Psychic Studies in 2002. When I did so, I noticed the building had a wonderful positive energy. I was promptly told, "That it's because of all the healing that goes on here". I was intrigued but it was to be another eight years until I was practicing healing regularly.

In between, I took many different courses at the College –meditation courses, psychic development courses, numerology courses and angel courses to name a few, but especially Psychic Tarot courses, which spanned five years of my life in the end! At the same time I also embarked on the very comprehensive two-year College Accredited Healing course. This was a life changing period where I was learning so many things about myself and the spiritual world, way beyond the basic course content. I had what I consider a spiritual awakening and began to experience real contact with the spirit world and higher beings. I also started working at the Monday chair and Wednesday couch healing clinics and have done ever since. I am now the Lead for the Wednesday Healing Clinic. It is such a privilege to work with both clients and other healers in this environment.

My Healing and Psychic Tarot work has dovetailed and I now have a Healing and Tarot consultation practice in West Sussex as well as my college clinic work. Any scepticism I had in my younger days has been completely removed and I can finally see that high sensitivity can be a blessing as well as a curse!

My approach to healing is establishing a three-way link between myself the client and spirit. Healing works on a very deep level, engaging the client's mind and spirit as well as the body. I believe there is a natural life force that pervades the universe and that healing gives the client the space and stillness to experience this, which is often difficult in our busy materialistic world.

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