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I first became aware that I was psychic about 30 years ago when I would know about things that had happened, or were about to happen to people. At this time I bought a book called 'Discover Your Psychic Powers' to try and understand whether I had a psychic ability. I later decided to attend a course at the College to learn how to work with this gift. Unfortunately after that course I didn't return to the College for a further 15 years and my psychic ability was put on hold. My life in general became very busy first as a fashion buyer, then running my own children's wear business, followed by marriage, two children and many other commitments. 

When I returned I joined a class to develop my mediumship and psychic abilities. For many years since, it has been and continues to be an honour and privilege to be working with Spirit and working at the College as a psychic medium.

Family and friends have always come to me for advice and support on all of life's difficulties, so with this in mind, I made a career change from the fashion industry to counselling. I studied for 3 years at the Psychosynthesis and Education Trust to complete a postgraduate diploma in psychosynthesis counselling. This is a transpersonal and holistic therapy with a connection between psychology and spirituality, which is the perfect combination for me. Psychosynthesis counselling looks forward as well as back into your life experiences helping you to understand the meaning of present patterns and situations that are no longer serving you.

With the help of loved ones in spirit, I combine my psychic abilities, mediumship and counselling. I offer detailed information and guidance so that you are able to gain valuable insight into whatever issues you are facing in life. I will make you aware of the patterns that you may be repeating and how this may be stopping you from living a happy and fulfilled life.

I offer guidance on how to move forward with better understanding, allowing the space for healing and change to occur. My readings are sensitive, insightful and supportive and are always given from the heart.

Denise Pia offers psychic mediumship training and one-to-one readings at the College.

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