Photo of Dr Christine Page

Receiving her medical degree from the Royal Free Medical School, University of London in 1978, Christine Page MD engaged in many fields of hospital medicine, specialising in pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology. In 1984, she founded one of the first integrative health centres within the British National Health Service which was followed by a highly successful holistic private practice which included homeopathy, counselling and energy-related medicine. 

During this timeframe, she also began a 10-year educational career, teaching doctors, nurses and other medical personnel about complementary therapies including mind/ body and energy medicine. Through this work she became a well-known bridge builder and played an important role in the acceptance of alternative therapies in the British Health System. She was on the founding committee of the British Holistic Medical Association in the early 80s and for five years was a radio personality on a popular London radio station, LBC with presenter Mike Allen, offering healthcare and life-living advice to listeners.

In 2001, she began intuitive listening training for doctors, psychologists and other healthcare professionals in association with NICABM (National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine) in the United States.

She has been the keynote speaker and seminar leader at many professional and public conferences including Science and Consciousness, ISSSEEM, National Wellness, the International Institute of Integral Human Sciences and the Energy Psychology Conference. She has written seven books focused on self-development, which encourage self-healing and personal empowerment. Her first bestselling book, Frontiers of Health, was published in 1992.

She is trained as an MD and a homeopath, but she was raised amongst traditional healers and has always had the gift of inner sight, giving her the capacity to connect intuitively to others and access information from different realms of consciousness. She remains a pioneer in the field of healthcare, providing a vision and a pathway to embody the full human experience by bringing together the physical with the unseen. She is an international speaker and frequent media spokesperson who inspires people from cultures all over the world with a warm, engaging and witty personality. The truth of her message – real healing and health comes from listening to your heart, living your truth and enjoying the deepest connections possible – has deep resonance with those who come in contact with her. 

Christine Page lives in the US with her husband. Find out more about her work at and on her Facebook page (links open in a new window).