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My fascination with death's survival, spirit communication, foreign languages and nature's forces, were initiated by losing my mother in childhood, living in Robin Hood's Bay, near Whitby, North Yorkshire, hearing foreign fishermen embarking and being surrounded by atmospheric landscape. 

Moving South later aged 28, a vivid, terrifying dream led me to seek help at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain. Seven frustrating years as a student there were followed by part-time work as Medium and Tutor.

In 1983, ending full-time secretarial work, joining the College and working in both organisations, I also served spiritualist churches country-wide. The Spiritualists' National Union awarded me a Speakers and Demonstrators Certificate in 1986 and invited me to their headquarters at Stansted Hall during the 1980s and 1990s. In years following, working in 11 countries, I ended working at SAGB and started more classes at College, combining this with organising trips to England for foreign students.

My work now includes private sittings, classes, workshops, lectures and demonstrations at the College, alongside trips to Europe. Regular features of these trips are two yearly international workshops for English and European Students. Britain is unique in the world, offering numerous organisations, churches and activities covering psychic mediumship and human growth training – not always available elsewhere – so my travels continue with rewarding results, bringing diverse students to learn together. Recommending other British mediums abroad who have been trained by me, is immensely satisfying.

During private sittings, information is given through psychic intuition which is about the sitter, and through mediumship which is spirit communication from relatives, friends and pets, depending on the sitter's needs in these two areas.

My many years in orthodox spiritualism with the College where consciousness beyond matter is explored and combined with my experience from other countries has helped me in teaching psychic mediumship and human growth.

Exploring motives, avoiding judgements and understanding fears are enthusiastically supported.

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