Photo of Hanelle Levine

Hanelle Levine is an artist, educator, healer, and homeopath. Sensitive to "Spirit frequencies" since an early age she enjoys a close connection with the numinous realms which informs her art practice.

After training in medical sciences and psychology, she gravitated towards the fields of energy medicine and psychotherapy where she practised and lectured for many years. Wanting to explore creative expression, she undertook further study in the visual arts and so began a new life path. Currently teaching art in adult education, and in freelance contexts she endeavours to bring humour, imagination, and kindness to all her sessions and workshops.

In April 2023, she hosted "The Creativist", a commemorative retrospective exhibition in East London of the work of her multi-talented late husband, Peter Gibson, showcasing his drawings, paintings, constructions, music, film and stunning embroidered denim jacket work. She will shortly be publishing her first book, a biography of Peter's rich and colourful life.