Photo of Helena B. Scott

Helena B. Scott is a writer, historian, linguist, mental/light trance medium, and psychic investigator. She's also a 'Jungian', trained in archetypal psychology and wellness/spirituality. Her main working area and passion is secret history, specialising in Medieval history (Knights Templar). Member of the Ghost Club (est. 1862), Egypt Exploration Society (est. 1882) and European Archaeologists Association (EAA).

Through occult knowledge (Western Esoteric Tradition) and ancient energies of sacred geography, archaeology, anthropology, religion, esoteric architecture and symbolism (inc. marks & medieval graffiti), mythopoetics & archetypal psychology, mediumship & the supernatural, and BOTH traditional historical and psychical research, Helena solves mysteries, to uncover events purposely omitted, buried by the veil of time and history. Her last published work (an Amazon best-seller in Freemasonry, Occultism, Secret Societies & Haunted and Unexplained Travel), was on Ireland's most haunted house; the legendary Loftus Hall, on lands that once belonged to the Knights Templar.

Helena B. Scott and her work have been featured in: the Irish Independent, the Sunday Times, the Irish Times, the Irish Writers Union, leading alternative history portal Ancient Origins, American Paranormal Magazine, Psychic Matters podcast, the Munster Express, the New Ross Standard, South East Radio, WLR (Saturday Café), and Beat FM (Orla Rapple – Sunday Grill) and more. For more information, visit