Photo of Hilary Fennelly

I am a professionally qualified Reiki and Holistic Energy Healer with over 12 years experience. 

I have been working in and running one of the four healing clinics at The College of Psychic Studies since 2001, and have many regular clients there. In addition to working at the clinic I offer 80 minute private healing sessions, which include discussion and a guided visualisation for relaxation. I aim to make my clients feel hopeful and to enable their outlook on life to become more positive as their symptoms diminish. All discussion is strictly confidential.

I trained as a healer after becoming seriously ill from rheumatoid arthritis. This is an auto-immune disease that also attacks and often deforms the joints. After experiencing healing myself through some wonderful holistic therapists, my health and optimism improved so much that it inspired me to become a healer. In 1999 I became a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki practitioner based on the teachings of Professor Mikao Usui, a Grand Master from Japan. I subsequently became a Reiki Master.

I also trained as a healer with the Spiritualist's National Union (SNU) and I have been giving healing in spiritualist churches ever since.

In 2001, I took the Healing Accreditation Course at The College of Psychic Studies. In 2002 I trained with Paul's Cancer Support Centre as a volunteer healer and befriender which involved visiting patients with cancer in their homes, hospitals and hospices.

I have been giving healing sessions for many years now and I am grateful every day to the spirit world for allowing us to be used to help people cope with their life illnesses and challenges. It humbles me every time.

What to expect from a healing session with me

The healing session is a very peaceful and relaxing experience and there is no need to remove clothing. You will lie on a couch and listen to soothing music. It is quite common for clients to become tearful as they let go of stored emotions and stress, so do not worry if this happens. You may fall asleep or be aware of warmth/cold/tingling sensations. It can be different each time and for each client. I will let you know when I have finished and will briefly discuss your experience and any further treatment. It is recommended that you wait five to ten minutes before driving.

Although cures can never be claimed or promised, healing always seeks to relieve suffering whether it is mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. It works first on the mental, spiritual and emotional bodies, and then gradually the effects are seen or felt in the body. Healing is excellent for stress-related problems.