Photo of Ivy Northage

Ivy Northage (1909-2002) was one of the finest mediums of her day in Britain. She began teaching mediumship at The College of Psychic Studies in 1970, and along with her spirit guide Chan, has left an incredible legacy in her wake.

It was Ivy Northage's guide Chan who encouraged the young Ivy to develop her abilities by guiding her to various Spiritualist churches across London where she could observe different mediums. After eight years of mediumship development, Ivy Northage and Chan made their first public appearance at a Spiritualist church in Walthamstow, North London. 

This was the start of Ivy's rising star as one of the most sought-after mediums and mediumship teachers of her time. She was awarded Spiritualist of the Year by The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain in 1971 'for her contribution to the development of mediumship' .

The College of Psychic Studies is honoured to have counted Ivy Northage among our team of esteemed mediumship tutors. She taught here for many years and is remembered fondly by hundreds of College graduates. 

The College of Psychic Studies published a selection of Ivy Northage's books: 

-Mechanics of Mediumship (1973)

-Mediumship Made Simple (1986)

-The Journey Beyond: Trance Talks by Chan, Spirit Guide of Ivy Northage (1988)

-Spiritual Realisation: Inner Values in Everyday Life (1995)

-While I Remember: The Life Story of Ivy Northage (written by Ivy Northage & edited by former College president Brenda Marshall) (1998)

Ivy passed away on 31 March 2002.