Photo of Jade Shaw

Astral projection teacher Jade Shaw is a rising voice in the area of consciousness beyond the body. She is currently researching the Out of Body Experience (OBE) as part of her Msc in Transpersonal Psychology. Propelled by a powerful OBE she left a 12-year career as a choreographer to talk about and teach courses and workshops on astral projection, out-of-body experiences and psychological & spiritual growth.

Jade believes the ancient practice of astral projection is at the cutting edge of self development and can radically shift our state of consciousness influencing the way we live our lives. She draws on personal experience, academic research and spiritual traditions offering a grounded view of this phenomena.

She receives guidance from Lama Yeshe Rinpoche of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and has trained with expert Graham Nicholls, the Mindfulness Association, International Association of Consciousness and the renowned Monroe Institute. She is a member of the Science and Medical Network and is a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellow.

To learn more about Jade Shaw, visit or browse the Jade Shaw YouTube channel (links open in a new window).