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Janine Lowe has been intuitive since childhood. However, growing up in a religious household, she was advised by a priest to hide her gifts. Finally, once she left home, she embraced her natural psychic abilities. She found herself answering phones before they rang and offering relevant insights and guidance to friends.

It became clear to Janine that she wasn't designed for a 9-5 job. She wanted to use what she was good at - her psychic abilities - in her career. After a friend suggested Feng Shui, Janine trained with various masters and became a Feng Shui consultant. Meeting people and being able to transform their lives in such a positive way has brought her immense joy and fulfilment. She was awarded Feng Shui Consultant 2023.

Janine discovered Chinese Astrology with the internationally acclaimed teacher Joey Yap. Joey became her mentor and taught her about metaphysics - a wisdom that has transformed her life and her Chinese Astrology readings. She uses Chinese Metaphysics to help her clients achieve their goals. 

Janine offers Feng Shui consultations and Chinese Astrology readings to everyone from individuals seeking personal growth and corporations keen to optimise their prosperity. She also teaches people around the world in the arts of Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui consulting. 

When not in Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology mode, Janine loves animals and helps to find homes for rescue cats, although her last stray, Alley Cat, has found a lovely home on her lap. Living by the beach near Brighton finds her walking daily with her dog on the beach, and practicing Tai Chi.

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