Photo of Janny Juddly

Janny Juddly has been a psychotherapist for over thirty years. During that time, her practice has evolved considerably in the light of an ever-deepening understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection, and the importance of its centrality in the process of healng.

As a former lecturer and Director of the MA in Trauma-Informed Therapy at Leicester University, her particular area of research and expertise has always been the importance of the spiritual dimension in well-being, as underpinned by the most recent research into trauma, neuroscience, and the nature of healing. Her understanding that our journey is a spiritual one even if we don't realise it, has profoundly influenced her work in more recent years; it has also led to her sharing her insights widely on social media, in podcasts, and trainings, resulting in a large following of spiritual seekers all over the world.

Her latest book, for Welbeck, entitled You Can Remember Who You Were Before Life Made You Forget, has arisen out of her observations of how this journey we call Life goes, especially the stages of forgetting and remembering, and the stages in the journey triggered by significant experiences common to us all. As she says, "We humans spend a lot of time trying to work out who we are. We only discover the answer when we let go of everything the world has taught us to believe and return to the powerful truth that rests deep inside each and every one of us: our innate knowing, and the unerring voice of our unique Soul Signature."