Photo of Jenny Lee

My association with the College of Psychic Studies goes back 27 years, when I attended an interview with the renowned medium and College tutor Elizabeth Farrell with a view to joining one of her mediumship classes. Elizabeth introduced herself by saying she was no longer accepting beginners, so I was naturally disappointed, and at the end of the interview asked whether I should pursue psychic development. Elizabeth looked at me as if I was completely mad, and said "Of course you should - can you start tonight?" 

After a couple of weeks in Elizabeth's intermediate class, during which time I hadn't managed to 'see' or 'sense' anything at all, I was asked to remain behind after class. 

"That's me for the chop," I thought. 

"I want you to teach," announced Elizabeth, and invited me to attend all of her workshops for free, as long as I arranged the chairs and made the tea!

When Elizabeth Farrell emigrated to Australia in 1990, I left the College for a few years, but returned in 1996 as general administrator, and I was also asked to teach classes. I gave up administration after a couple of years (much too frantic!) but have taught at the College ever since - psychic development, healing and self-awareness, and have also conducted workshops and given lectures. I became a healer member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers in 1992, and I am a supervisor on the College's Integrated Healing Diploma course. I studied counselling with the Central School of Counselling and Therapy gaining an ITEC Certificate in cancer counselling skills, and was lucky enough to join the certificate course of the Centre for Transpersonal Psychology, taught by Barbara Somers and Ian Gordon Brown. I give private counselling and healing sessions at the College, combining the two if required.

Outside the College, I trained as a nurse, gaining my SRN at St Thomas's Hospital, and held a range of administration posts, including one with an agency managing some of the world's top opera singers and conductors. I later ran my own artists management, specialising in discovering young singers at the very start of their careers. My interests include writing, reading, researching, opera, theatre, singing, and doing voluntary work in my church. Perhaps my favourite activity is investigating my family tree - which has turned up some extremely unexpected people!