Photo of Jeremy Brooker

Jeremy Brooker is an independent researcher and historian of various aspects of magic lantern performance practice. A founding member and past Chairman of the Magic Lantern Society (UK), he was the first editor of its flagship quarterly publication The Magic Lantern

Jeremy's particular areas of interest are the use of music and live action in conjunction with screen-based images, science as spectacle, stage illusion, and optical magic. A regular participant in international conferences, his publications include The Temple of Minerva: Magic and the Magic Lantern at the Royal Polytechnic Institution, London 1837-1901 (2013) and (as co-author) The Magic Lantern Dancer: The Choreutoscope and Its Place in the History of the Moving Image (2023). 

Jeremy regularly presents spectacular, complex shows with his wife Carolyn using an authentic triunial (triple) lantern, and collaborates with other artists and musicians to create new works featuring the magic lantern. 

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