Photo of Karina Grant

Karina Grant attended her first Louise Hay and breathwork seminar at age 12 with her family where self-development was greatly encouraged. When her father was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2005, she searched for ways to help his symptoms and discovered energy healing. She decided to explore energy therapies in order to be able to help him. The profound results from their healing sessions led her into exploring the most powerful energy healing methods available in the world. Her passion for proactive natural healthcare inspired her to teach these easy to learn techniques to as many people as possible.

Karina was invited to become England's advanced instructor for Quantum-Touch, a healing modality which she felt was highly beneficial to others. After over a decade of teaching Karina set up the HI CHI Integrated Health Institute. Additionally, Karina is a Bio-Energy Healing Practitioner (Domancic method), Reiki Practitioner and graduated from Tony Robbins Mastery University in 2001. 

Karina's workshops are attended by doctors, nurses, public health advisors, research scientists, CEOs, parents, carers, charities, teachers and a variety of other professional backgrounds. She has also enjoyed teaching meditation and has taught at the British government's Department of Energy and Climate Change and other prestigious organisations.

Karina is delighted to have launched the popular Permissioning and Transformation workshops online. Due to the success of this program with nurses, it now counts towards CPD points for nurses and midwives.

Karina is hugely passionate about teaching in charities and non profit organisations. This includes teaching Mindfulness to amazing charities such as Groundswell, who do groundbreaking work with homeless people in London, how to achieve greater health and vitality. Karina is a member of The British Holistic Medical Association and The College of Medicine.