Photo of Marco Visconti

Marco Visconti specialises in the Western esoteric tradition at large, with a particular interest in Thelema & Crowleyana. His main focus is to teach the basis of Thelema and Esoteric Freemasonry to a wider public outside the bonds of oaths and secrets.

From 2014 to 2018, Marco worked at Treadwell's Books, a hub of international expertise on Western esotericism. Here, he learned all the tricks and secrets of esoteric book trading.

Prior to that, Marco lived a life as a music professional with an international career spanning over 15 years, gaining credence as a countercultural figure in the alternative underground scene. He is a founding member of electro-industrial band XP8, and has been playing and producing with Faderhead since 2008. Recently, Marco wrote and produced an EP under the name of Pylon People.