Photo of Mel Collins

Mel Collins is a UK author, counsellor, spiritual life coach, Intuitive and healer. She is also a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and a former prison governor. 

Mel followed an intuitive calling to work in a male-dominated prison environment as a woman with abilities in this life. But it took time for her to be able to stand in her own feminine power (which was nothing to do with her position of authority), and to bring her natural intuitive and healing abilities through without fear of judgement, punishment, ridicule or without being silenced. 

As a result of her own personal and spiritual development journey, Mel unshackled herself from her own blockages and beliefs and opened her own inner prison gates. She left the service in 2011 to follow her higher purpose to help other HSPs and empaths. 

She has since written two books: The Handbook for Highly Sensitive People (translated into 11 languages to date) and Positive Affirmations for Sensitive People. She has been interviewed on BBC Radio 2 by Jeremy Vine, and spoken on BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC London and BBC Scotland. Her books have been featured in the Daily Mail, the Sunday People and numerous magazines including Psychologies and Natural Health, all of which are listed on her website -

(Photo: Rosie Parsons Photography)