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Growing up, and from a very young age, I knew there was something different about me. I could always sense spirit. I could see, feel, and hear. I would talk to my mother about my experiences, but we never explored or called my experiences a name. As I got older, my psychic and medium gift became more prominent. It wasn't uncommon for people to ask me if I was a psychic as during our conversations, I'd find myself detailing specific things about their lives to which I had no prior knowledge. I'd even give messages from loved ones that had passed on, which used to amaze and annoy me, because I didn't understand it. But even through my experiences, I was a sceptic and would laugh it off thinking, I just have good intuition.

It wasn't until I made the spontaneous decision to ditch corporate life and pursue life coaching, that I was able to explore and realise that I am a psychic medium.

On an introductory life coaching course, I found myself again being called a psychic, in front of the whole class, after completing a role play exercise. I felt embarrassed. But at the end of the class one of the course tutors came up to me and suggested I go to the College of Psychic Studies. This was the third time throughout my life that I'd been advised to do so. My curiosity piqued, I wanted to understand what this something different about me was. So, this time I did as advised.

I was drawn to Maria Antoniou's beginner's course at the College of Psychic Studies and enrolled. Four years on, I've learned to harness, enjoy, and cherish my gift and continue to train with Maria strengthening my techniques. I am proud that I am a psychic medium and I now utilise my gift to give messages through spirit, providing help, guidance, and healing. I would be honoured if you chose to have a sitting with me.

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