Photo of Paola Bay

Paola Bay has been on a creative journey her whole life, initially as a filmmaker then as a well-known fashion designer, and lately as an artist.

Through a meditative process, Paola's artwork incorporates sacred geometry, symbolic keys, and codes, infusing her works with hidden meanings and energies to be perceived differently by each viewer. Her paintings act as a kind of technology: her richly coloured visual journeys open doorways to self-discovery, inviting us to be present, to transcend the boundaries of the physical, and connect deeply with the essence of both ourselves and nature.

Profoundly interested in Western Philosophy since her early youth in Italy, Paola approached philosophical and religious studies with a focus on Buddhist, Hindu and Sufism spirituality. In the past two decades, she developed a unique language of abstraction rooted in nature by actively engaging with Indigenous communities in Tibet, Nepal and Mongolia, as well as Bolivia, Brazil, Namibia, New Zealand and North America, who chose to give her the title of 'Elder Grandmother'.

In particular, she developed a longstanding bond with the Mamos, Spiritual Leaders of the Arhuaco community, living in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in the North of Colombia. She understood that their wisdom should be disseminated across the world, especially to learn how to respect Mother Earth. Over the years they taught her the importance of self-healing with the help of Nature and how to connect with all the natural elements to ask for help.