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I view my journey as truly fascinating and rich with diverse experiences and spiritual depth due to my early immersion in artistic expression and my upbringing in a deeply spiritual family. My heritage, combining Guyanese and Ghanaian cultures, further enriched this spiritual foundation leading me to embrace becoming a psychic and medium creating spirit-inspired art.

Despite my artistic and spiritual inclinations, I embarked on a fulfilling career in interior architecture and subsequently within education through professional teaching and mentoring of young people in design technology and pastoral care. However, my spiritual gifts never faded into the background entirely as they often nudged me to reconnect with my heartfelt path.

Now based in Melbourne, Australia, I continue my spiritual work, through art, meditation, and connection to ancestral energies from all backgrounds. I facilitate healing and connection for clients both in person and online by embracing each interaction as a sacred exchange of energy. I present at venues such as the Brunswick Lyceum Church and the Victorian Spiritual Union, conducting demonstrations and offering support during reading days.

My commitment to supporting others' growth and healing, coupled with my artistic talents during a session, creates a unique and transformative experience for those who choose to connect with their loved ones in spirit. In such a special space, I focus on fostering a sense of connection and introspection whilst endeavouring for these messages to be the voice you want to hear whilst bringing you an opportunity for reflection. It is always a sacred space for healing.

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