Photo of Rachel S Roberts

Rachel is the author of Lupa and Wolf, as well as a sacred dance teacher, priestess, empowerment and flower essence coach.

Rachel is the creatrix of Wolf Woman Rising, a wisdom school where she empowers you to embody wisdom, reclaim your wild and create a life lived on purpose. Through online community, courses and training, as well as in-person retreats she initiates women into the feminine arts, nature alchemy & divine connection. Her desire has always been to create a bridge between history and spirituality, mythology and well-being, transmuting mythology into embodied wisdom, so that it becomes a tool of healing, empowerment and awakening for men and women.

Rachel read History with Religious Studies at University and then went on to complete post-graduate qualifications in History and Heritage Management. She has also worked in the heritage sector for over a decade, primarily working with children and interpretation and she can claim to have worked in 5 different castles! Rachel is also the founder and principal teacher of Under the Dancing Tree School of Sacred Dance and Healing. She teaches sacred dances including Belly Dance, Polynesian dance, movement meditation and archetypal dance.

Using her own journey and over 17 years' experience of teaching and training she empowers and inspires students to deeply understand and practice courage, trust and authenticity.