Photo of Sri Anish

A mystic, spiritual teacher, international speaker and an author, Sri Anish has brought clarity and joyful intensity to the lives of many people. 

Though, humbly he still considers himself a student of life and spirituality. An ex-CEO, Sri Anish spent many years in multiple spiritual practices of various eastern traditions to deepen his own journey. Later, he was guided to spread the light of consciousness in the world and initiated a Sangha (community) called 'Saadho Sangha' in India. His teachings are an amazing synthesis of the contemporary world of science and the ancient world of scriptures. Many of his talks, writings and poetry are available on his website and on his social media handles, and his first book is getting published in 2021 by the renowned Wisdom Tree publications in India.

Sri Anish lives at north Indian Himalayan city of Dharamshala and travels across the world, holding regular teaching sessions and retreats.