Photo of Tree Carr

Tree Carr is a published author and TEDx speaker who works in the field of Transpersonal Psychology with a focus on dreams, death, altered states of consciousness and psychedelic assisted therapy. She holds a professional certificate in Psychedelics, Altered States & Transpersonal Psychology with the Alef Trust and is a CPD Crossfields Institute Certified Death Doula. A high priestess witch and master of Wicca she was ordained in 2021 at The Universal Life Church and has studied at the world-renowned Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Science and is a faculty member at The Magickal Path School of Witchcraft.

In her role as a Dreaming Guide, Tree helps those seeking to activate, explore and further understand their dream realms by cultivating a bespoke daily dreaming practise. Her workshops, courses and retreats have ventured from London throughout the UK, Europe, Canada and USA. She is also booked for one on one dreaming guidance where the session delves into dream interpretation, meditations, rescripting of recurring dreams and methods for lucid dreaming. Tree works closely with oneirogens ( dreaming plants and herbs) as part of her conscious dreaming practise and facilitates workshops and retreats to connect people more deeply into their dream-work vis-a -vis the world of plants and herbs.

Her work as a Death Doula involves helping people spiritually, emotionally, existentially and practically at the end of their lives. Tree holds the space for healing, peace, support and compassion during the profound and sacred time of death and dying.

As a published author, her book 'DREAMS: How to Connect With Your Dreams to Enrich Your Life', was released in 2018 with Octopus Publishing. Her second book ''Conscious Dreamer'' published in 2021 by Quarto Publishing Group, guides the reader through 30 days of capturing dreams for creative practise. Her third book "The Artists' Oracle" which captured the dreams of 30 artists in the form of an Oracle deck saw publication in 2021 with White Crypt. Her latest book "A Spell a Day' was internationally released June 2023 with Watkins Publishing.

As a writer, Tree is a regular esoteric columnist at Woman&Home magazine and has also contributed to The Wild Alchemy Journal.

Tree has been featured in a wide variety of press, TV and news outlets including: Sky History Channel, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The New York Times, ES Magazine, Stylist Magazine, Grazia, VICE, Daily Star and Express

Her clients and collaborations include: The Freud Museum London, Virgin Media, The Psychedelic Society, Presencing Institute, Awake Academy and Guerilla Science.

Born in 1972, Tree has explored the zones of spirituality and consciousness since she was a child. Tree is skilled in divinatory guidance: The Tarot and Astrology and has facilitated readings, rituals, classes and courses spanning a wide variety of esoteric subjects. As a Tarot scholar, Tree has taught masterclasses on the Rider-Waite Deck since 2016.