Photo of Yamile Yemoonyah

Yamile Yemoonyah is a spirit guide medium, award-winning author of The Seven Types of Spirit Guide, and host of the Spirit Guide Show. Through her show, courses, newsletter, and one-on-one client interactions, Yemoonyah engages with tens of thousands of people annually in her work to help others understand and connect with their spirit guides.

The very first time her spirit guide physically appeared in her bedroom in October 2000, she was left with no choice but to start believing in a reality that isn't acknowledged by western science. Ever since, assisted by her own spirit guides, she has been on a mission to learn as much about the unseen dimensions of the universe as possible, especially the myriad forms of conscious beings that inhabit it and their relationship with shamans, mediums, priests, and everyday people worldwide and throughout human history.

Now, she uses her gift of spirit communication to help others connect with their own spirit guides by giving readings and teachings. Her main goal is to assist lightworkers and spirit workers who want to make this world a more inclusive, egalitarian, and compassionate place by teaching them how to connect and communicate with their own personal spirit guides. She lives in London in the UK.