Healing Clinics

The College is proud to offer spiritual healing by accredited healers in our healing clinics. Each clinic is run by fully qualified, accredited healers who have completed a two year College healing course. All healers work continually on their professional development by widening their expertise and furthering their education through constant practice.

The College of Psychic Studies is an educational charity and all of our healers in the clinics work on a voluntary basis. We do make a minimum charge of £5 to be paid in cash on the day of your appointment, which can be seen as an important part of the energetic exchange, and which pays towards the running expenses of the clinic.

What will I experience?

On arrival for your first appointment, you will be asked to fill in a confidential registration form, giving brief personal details and medical history. New clients should arrive ten minutes early for the first appointment so that this can be done.

Healing is given in a clinic environment where a number of other people will be receiving healing at the same time. Healing is always given in a fully clothed state. There will be an opportunity for a short discussion of your situation at the beginning of your session.

During the healing you may be aware of energy transfer by feeling changes of temperature, a tingling experience, emotional release or deep relaxation. On the other hand, you may not notice any particular effects. Each experience is unique to the individual and does not indicate the quality of effectiveness of the healing energy.

At the end of your session, there will be a few minutes to discuss your experience and decide whether further healing would be appropriate. The healer will also make brief, confidential notes for future reference.

One to One Chair Healing

An accredited healer will provide healing energy, with each appointment lasting 30 minutes.

Monday 2pm – 4pm and Thursday 7:15pm – 9:15pm

One to One Couch Healing

An accredited healer will provide healing energy, with each appointment lasting 30 minutes.

Wednesday 11:00am – 1.30pm

Distance Healing

On Thursday evenings a group of healers meet to send distance healing out to those who cannot attend for personal healing. You can leave names of those you wish to receive distance healing at the College reception.

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