Janine Lowe works with Chinese astrology to guide you to unlock the mysteries of your past, present, and future. 

With a deep passion for understanding the cosmic forces that shape our lives, Janine delves into the intricate art of Chinese metaphysics to help you navigate your path with clarity and purpose. With Janine's guidance, you can not only gain insight into your life's trajectory but also harness the cosmic energies to manifest prosperity, joyous connections, and physical well-being. 

Whether you seek guidance on career decisions, matters of the heart, or wealth, Janine blends ancient wisdom and modern insights to offer you a personalised reading that illuminates the hidden patterns of your destiny.


Previous clients say:

"Janine was clear and concise."

"Brilliant and very informative, thank you."

"I was very pleased with what Janine presented. Very interesting."


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About Janine Lowe

Image of course leader Janine Lowe When award-winning Feng Shui consultant Janine Lowe found Chinese Astrology, it changed her life. She combines these schools of ancient wisdom to guide and support others.
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