Lucy offers healing that works with all levels of the body, from the spiritual, heart, mental and emotional to the physical; restoring balance and harmony, cleansing and clearing away unwanted and stagnant energy.

This holistic, gentle approach is dynamic, focused and empowering, and brings deep understanding to issues and belief systems for the client.

Please note that if you are selecting telephone for your session with Lucy then this can only be through WhatsApp video call.

Previous clients say:

"Lucy was outstanding in her reading and healing! I felt seen and empowered after the session and will return. Thank you!"

"It's always a pleasure to work with Lucy. She's a powerful healer!"

"Lucy Aumonier is an amazing intuitive and understanding. Really happy that the college is able to run these remote session during COVID."

"Lucy was fabulous! First time using Zoom with Lucy but no issues and pleased, especially today as I am so relaxed and sleepy – home is the best place for me to be. Healing and learning wrapped up in one and thoroughly needed and enjoyed experience. Thank you."

"Absolutely outstanding as always."

Please note, we cannot control the outcome of a healing session. What happens in a healing session is held in the highest intention for the benefit of all.

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July 2024

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About Lucy Aumonier

Image of course leader Lucy Aumonier Lucy Aumonier is a College-accredited spiritual healer who works intuitively, psychically and mediumistically. She works consciously with her spirit team to restore balance and harmony.
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Lucy Aumonier offers remote consultations via Skype or telephone.

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Healing (online 90 minutes): 90 minute consultation

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Price: £120.00