Feeling stuck in life? Want a greater sense of wellbeing?

Tyroon is a College Accredited Healer who offers heart-centred, intuitive healing. Confidential discussions take place before and after each session.

During the healing, he will create a nurturing, safe space and will also gently clear blocks in your aura and balance your chakras, helping you to move forward in your life.

Previous clients say:

"Tyroon Win is so kind, compassionate, non judgmental, experienced. I knew I was in good hands."

"Excellent as always."

"Tyroon has a very relaxing and deep voice and a soothing energy. And he is very generous in his advice."

"Ty is precise in his work, explaining what is going on with the chakras and the body – which is something I like to know. The mix of visualization techniques as well as the description of what is going on in the body physically are really complementary. Ty is a real pro!"

"I can honestly say that was the most incredibly astounding healing I have ever received. Tyroon did so much work aurically, emotionally, mentally – cleared a lot of blocked fear, helped open the heart chakra. Surpassed any expectations of my first ever healing session at the college so a very big thank you. It was life changing."

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About Tyroon Win

Image of course leader Tyroon Win A heart-based approach guides Tyroon Win's energy work. With the help of spiritual guides, he assists clients on their healing journey, clearing and balancing misplaced energies as he goes.
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Healing: 60 minute consultation

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Price: £75.00