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Martha Brett - Healing

Martha is able to offer consultations via telephone / Skype / Zoom. Once you have paid for your consultation the consultant will be in touch with you to confirm how your consultation will take place. Martha MNFSH, College accredited healer. Martha offers very grounding healing and enables clients to free and protect themselves from unwanted influences such as negative thought forms, cord connections, spirit attachments and psychic attack.

Previous clients say:

"Martha Brett is always great and very dedicated."

"I was absolutely thrilled with the treatments that I have been fortunate enough to have with Martha. This lady really knows her stuff! A treatment from Martha is worth every single penny. I don't know how she does what she does or where she learned to do it, but I am so grateful to her for her treatments."

"Martha Brett is a perfect healer. I am happy that I met her."

"Martha is a gifted and genuine empath, warm and helpful as well as a professional. She has helped me in so many ways that I am fortunate to have her as my healer."

"Fantastic, had a wonderful healing session!"

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